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<h1>Misc Harrod Sport Products & Parts</h1>

Misc Harrod Sport Products & Parts

sportsequip.co.uk can supply products and components from Harrod Sport's full catalogue. If it's missing from our main Harrod Sports sections you will probably find it here. We also supply replacement components should you need them too. Contact us on 01858-545789 with an idea of what you need and we will try to help.

Other Harrod Sport Products & Components Available

If you are unable to find a product listed on our website, please contact us for prices and availability.We can obtain any Harrod Sport product.

American Football:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
AMF-005Club American Football PostsSet9,0450.00
AMF-001International NFL American Football PostsSet17,720.00
LFT-001American Football Post LifterSet1,717.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
CRK-0507.3m Guyline for 2.4/2.7m poles c/w pegsEach17.00
CRK-05110m Guyline for 3m/3.6m poles c/w pegsEach14.50
CRK-093Spare Stumps for CP1Each16.50
CRK-094Spare Stumps for CP2Each14.50
CRK-158Premier Cricket Cage Swivel Wheel KitSet494.00
CRK-257Spare Stumps for CP3Each21.50
CRK-260Spare Springs for StumpsEachPOA

Football (Misc):

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
FBL-161Replacement Polygoal BagEach53.00
FBL-255Paralympic Football Rebound BoardsEach860.00
FBL-401Spring Back Corner Poles onlyEach18.50
FBL-402Connector for Spring Back Corner PolesEach29.50
FBL-403Socket & Cap for Spring Back Corner PolesEach43.50
FBL-900R.A.D. - Risk Assessment DeviceSet2,950.00

Football Goals:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
FBL-137PFixed Freestanding steel goal C/w nets 3.66 x 1.83Pack649.00
FBL-177Folding Aluminium Goals 5m x 2mSet1,406.00
FBL-2093m x 2m 3G PortagoalEach1,654.00
FBL-546P6.4m x 2.1m 3G Goal Pack c/w Elbow N/S & NetsPackPOA
FBL-6747.3m x 2.4m Weighted Euro PortagoalSet4,675.00
FBL-7137.3m x 2.4m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet5,500.00
FBL-7804.8m x 1.2m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet2,980.00
FBL-7813.6m x 1.2m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet2,950.00
FBL-7834.8m x 1.2m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet3,095.00
FBL-7843.6m x 1.2m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet3,065.00
FBL-7864.8m x 1.8m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet3,040.00
FBL-7873.6m x 1.8m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet3,020.00
FBL-7884.8m x 1.8m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet3,175.00
FBL-7893.6m x 1.8m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet3,145.00
FBL-7924.8m x 2.1m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet3,350.00
FBL-7934.8m x 2.1m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet3,530.00

Football Nets & Accessories:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
FBL-105-SPitch Divider Net Storage Pouch (Screen Printed)POAPOA
FBL-163Single 3.66m x 1.83m Replacement Polygoal NetEach42.50
FBL-224Synthetic Green Hook - For Occasional UseEach3.00
FBL-355Pr UEFA/FIFA Box Shape Nets, 5.5 x 1.8mPair234.00
FBL-3664.88m x 1.83m White Nets, 4mm polyethylenePair211.00
FBL-6261.5m x 1.0m Target Goal NetEach57.00
FBL-6272.0m x 1.0m Target Goal NetEach56.50
FBL-6283.0m x 1.0m Target Goal NetEach56.50
FBL-6775m x 2m 3mm Goal Nets for FBL-177Pair176.00

Goal Accessories & Components:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
ANC-006Classic Five-a-Side AnchorsEach96.00
ANC-011Set of 6 Spirafix AnchorsSet304.00
CLP-033Latch for FBL-568 Senior 3G Parks GoalsEachPOA
FBL-129Combination Rugby / Football SocketEach58.00
FBL-27060mm Senior Football Crossbar, 7.32mEach275.00
FBL-272Pair of 60mm Senior Steel Football Uprights, 2.44mPair161.00
FBL-27576mm dia Senior Steel Football Crossbar, 7.32mEach328.00
FBL-277Pair of 76mm dia Senior Steel Football Uprights, 2.44mPair199.00
FBL-291Projection Goal SocketEach133.00
FBL-295Set of 76mm Round SocketsSet153.00
FBL-296Set of 60mm SocketsSet123.00
FBL-297Set of 76mm Sockets For Locking GoalsSet168.00
FBL-5373G Stadium Wire Failsafe Fittings PackEach316.00
FBL-553Set of 4 Aluminium Portagoal HandlesSet of 4142.00
FBL-6857.3m Weighted Goal Backbar Conversion KitSet298.00
FBL-6866.4m Weighted Goal Backbar Conversion KitSet275.00
FBL-6874.8m Weighted Goal Backbar Conversion KitSet251.00
FBL-6883.6m Weighted Goal Backbar Conversion KitSet167.00
LID-001Set of 4 Socket Lids for 76mm square GoalsSet of 434.50
LID-002Set of 4 Socket Lids for 76mm dia GoalsSet of 434.50
LID-003Set of 4 76mm dia Socket Lids (for 63mm dia posts)Set of 434.50
LID-004Set of 4 Socket Lids for 60mm GoalsSet of 441.50
LID-005Set of 4 Socket Lids for 70mm dia PostsSet of 441.50
LID-006Plastic Drop In Socket Lids For Aluminium Rugby Post SocketsSet41.50
MNT-001Steel Maintenance Kit WhiteEach57.00
MNT-002Maintenance Kit GreenEach57.00
MNT-003Maintenance Kit BlueEach57.00
MNT-004Maintenance Kit PinkEach60.00
MNT-005Maintenance Kit RedEach60.00
MNT-006Maintenance Kit YellowEach60.00
MNT-007Maintenance Kit Gloss BlackEach60.00
MNT-008Maintenance Kit Matt BlackEach60.00
SPR100Standard Button Clips - Single - StandardEach11.50
SPR107Spring Button ClipEachPOA
WEQ-338Stadium Goal SocketsEach61.00
WEQ-339Stadium Goal Socket LidsEach31.50
WEQ-735Aluminium Rugby SocketsEach91.00
WHE-00250mm Nylon WheelsEach17.00



Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
FLG-231Yellow Nylon Golf Flags (30cm x 45cm)Each9.00
FLG-230Red Nylon Golf Flags (30cm x 45cm)Each9.00
GOL-001No. 12 Nylon NettingPer Sq. M16.00
GOL-021Single Bay Steel Golf Enclosure, 3m x 3m x 3mEach693.00
GOL-023Double Bay Steel Golf Enclosure, 6.1m x 3m x 3mEach1,168.00
GOL-040No. 12 Golf Cage Net with sewn in curtains, 3m x 3m x 3mEach532.00
GOL-305Set of 9 Hole CupsSet of 992.50
GOL-320Senior Size PuttersSet of 10112.00
GOL-325Junior Size PuttersSet of 10112.00

Grounds & Pitch Equipment:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
MNT-001-SMaintenance Kit White - AerosolEach58.00
MNT-002-SMaintenance Kit Green - AerosolEach58.00
MNT-003-SMaintenance Kit Blue - AerosolEach58.00
MNT-004-SMaintenance Kit Pink - AerosolEach58.00
MNT-005-SMaintenance Kit Red - AerosolEach58.00
MNT-006-SMaintenance Kit Yellow - AerosolEach58.00
MNT-007-SMaintenance Kit Gloss Black - AerosolEach58.00
MNT-008-SMaintenance Kit Matt Black - AerosolEach58.00
PEG-025Set of 10 U' Peg 6mm x 200mm longSet of 1029.00
BAR-036Stihl 40mm Earth Auger BitEachPOA
FLG-600PPack of 6 FLG-200 Flags & FBL-020 PolesPackPOA
SGN-301Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 1Pair125.00
SGN-302Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 2Pair125.00
SGN-303Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 3Pair125.00
SGN-304Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 4Pair125.00
SGN-305Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 5Pair125.00
SGN-306Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 6Pair125.00
SHE-0645m Curved Team Shelters - Superior SeatsEach6,670.00
SHE-0655m Superior 2012 Shelter - SocketedEach6,750.00
SHE-0766m Curved Team Shelter with GREEN Superior SeatsEach8,570.00
SHE-098T/S Curtain Hole Template 2m LEach54.00
SHE-104-SPanoramic Team Shelter 4m SpecialPOAPOA
SHE-1513 x 2.5m Commonwealth Technical ShelterEach13,055.00
SHE-1523 x 1.75m European Technical ShelterEach9,325.00
SHE-1532.5 x 1.5m Club Technical ShelterEach6,990.00
TWN-001Ball Of Black Polyprop Twine, 2mm Thick, 450g BallEach30.00
TWN-003Poly.Twine 2.5mm Thick Black 1kgEach29.50
TWN-030Orange Marking Twine, 3mm thickEach46.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
HAN-004Pair of HB14 Handball NetsPair124.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
HOC-162Pair of 2012 Integral Weighted Hockey Goals - Maroonset4,305.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
HRL-001Pair of H15 Hurling NetsPair298.00

Indoor Storage Equipment:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
STO-040Red Storage ContainerEach32.50
STO-041Yellow Storage ContainerEach32.50
STO-042Clear Storage ContainerEach32.50
STO-043Blue Storage ContainerEach32.50
STO-050Ball Storage Shelf UnitEach259.00
STO-030Hockey Rebound Storage TrolleyEach447.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
NBL-020Pair of Drop In Lids for NB3 Netball PostsPair35.50
NBL-031Set of Socketed Int Netball Posts - Sprung FloorSet646.00
NBL-038Set of Socketed Int Netball Posts - OutdoorSet627.00
NBL-043Replacement posts only for NBL-063PairPOA
NBL-047Pair of NB4 Netball Rings - PinkPair67.50
NBL-04816mm Pink Regulation Netball RingsPair98.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
RUG-100Replacement Rugby No 3 UprightEach210.00
RUG-101Replacement Rugby No 3/No 2 CrossbarPair309.00
RUG-102Replacement Rugby No 3 SocketEach90.00
RUG-105Replacement Rugby No 2A Bottom UprightEach240.00
RUG-106Replacement Rugby No 2A Top UprightPair228.00
RUG-107Replacement Rugby No 2A SocketEach76.00
RUG-109Replacement Rugby No 1 SocketEach179.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
SBL-001Stoolball WicketsSet154.00
SBL-002Schools Stoolball PostsSet275.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
TEN-006P1B Tennis Net c/w Woven headbandEach262.00
TEN-027Pair of Drop In Lids for S8 Tennis Post SocketsPair44.00
TEN-036Vinyl Coated Net Centre TapeEach17.00
TEN-195Screw for TEN-021 Tennis Post HandlesEach14.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
VOL-017No2 Lightweight Practice Net - Per MetreLinear M.13.50
VOL-031Sitting Volleyball Net 6.5m x 0.8mEach127.00
VOL-033Sitting Volleyball PostsSet603.00
VOL-034Sitting Volleyball Weighted Post Assembly SetSet912.00
VOL-036Beach Volleyball Antennae in SheathPair64.00
VOL-044VB1/4/5 Upright Protection PadSet142.00
VOL-045VB1/4 Base Protection PadSet133.00
VOL-053Match Play Volleyball PadsSet701.00
VOL-056Floor Fixed Competition Volleyball PostsSet2,125.00
VOL-066Comp Volleyball Pads - Uprights onlySet492.00
VOL-0701/2 Whitworth Floor Fixings"Set85.50

Wheelchair Rugby:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
WCR-001Wheel Chair Rugby Goal ConesSet427.00