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<h1>Football Goal Packs</h1>

Football Goal Packs

To make buying a set of football goals as easy as possible, and for best value, we've put together a selection of the most popular football goals into packs, each containing a complete set of football goals (i.e. two goals, one for each end of the pitch), which include suitable football nets, clips and if appropriate wheels, sockets and/or net supports.

Tip! You can use the filters to quickly narrow down this selection of football goal packs to only show the most suitable goals.

Football Goal Packs

We understand that buying football goals can be complicated. There's a wide range of sizes and styles available to cater for the various forms of the game and different pitch types. Furthermore, each goal often has a choice of nets and accessories available (net supports, wheels and clips), that may also be required.

To make buying complete sets of football goals easier, we've put together a selection of goal packs, each containing a pair of football goals (one for each end of the pitch), which also include the most suitable football nets, net clips and if appropriate for the goal type, other items such as wheels, sockets and/or net supports.

You can use the filters on this page to narrow down your search, or just view all the goal packs by category.

Football Goals Pack Options


With such a huge variation in the types and sizes of football goals, perhaps unsurprisingly there is a wide range of prices. You can use the price filters to help narrow down the selection of goals to better suit your budget.


If you already know the exact size of football goals that you require, you can use this filter to only show goals matching that size. The size of the football goals required will usually depend on the age groups of the players using them, or the number of players on each team. For example, full size football goals for 11-a-side senior games measure 7.32m x 2.44, whereas 5-a-side games will usually use goals that are 1.2m high, and either 2.4m, 3.6m or 4.8m wide. Futsal games are also 5 players per team, but use goals that are 3m wide x 2m high.


If you know which format of the game your football goals will be used for, you can narrow down your search using the Format filter. With this filter, you can choose to show only 11-a-side (Senior or Junior), 9v9, Mini Soccer (5v5 or 7v7) or 5-a-side goals.


All of the football goal packs within this section are either freestanding or socketed. Use the Type filter to narrow down the selection.

  • Freestanding - Football goals that sit on the pitch and can be moved in and out of position as required. Some of these football goals include wheels or rollers to make them more manoeuvrable. It's important to remember that to ensure safe use, freestanding football goals MUST be anchored correctly. Goal anchors aren't included within these goal packs unless specified. Please also see the Self/Integral Weighted filter below.
  • Socketed - This type of football goal uses ground sockets into which the uprights are inserted - anchoring them safely into the ground for a more permanent installation. It's worth remembering that the prices shown for these goals are for supply only. The sockets will require concreting into position, which may be an additional cost if you are unable to do this yourself. If you require a quote for installation, please contact us on 01858 545789 prior to ordering the football goals.

Self/Integral Weighted

Self/integral weighted football goals incorporate additional weight into their design, usually as an additional weight within the backbar or a heavy roller bar that also acts as a suitable counterbalance. As integral weighted football goals require no additional anchorage, they are safer to use when assembled correctly. This filter can be used to show self weighted or non-self weighted goals.


All of the football goals found within these goal packs are manufactured from either steel or aluminium.

  • Aluminium - Generally lighter in weight, more portable with the benefit of being rust-proof.
  • Steel - Typically steel football goals are cheaper, heavier and better suited for use in public places.

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Buying football goals can be complicated - but we're here to help!!

Simply call us for expert advice on 01858 545789 or email sales@sportsequip.co.uk.