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Tennis Data Sheets:

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Socketed Tennis Post Installation

The Tennis Post Sockets should be set 42ft (12.80m) apart centre to centre.

A Concrete block minimum 750mm x 750mm and 600mm deep should be used to hold the sockets in place and the top of the 600mm block should finish 100mm below the top of the socket.

The top of the socket should be flush with the finished surface ground level. Allowances should be made for any proposed synthetic surface installation e.g. synthetic sand filled carpet.

It is suggested that the sockets are set half a bubble back on a spirit level.

The centre guide adjuster should be set in the centre of the court using a minimum of 300mm x 300mm concrete block. The concrete again should be set 100mm below the ground surface.

The concrete must be fully cured before the net is fixed and the court is used.

It is recommended that the net is moved and stored away from the court for a suitable period of weeks to allow the concrete to fully cure. This removes the temptation to play on the court.

The commonest complaint received is that the posts have moved. The stresses caused by a fully or over-wound net are huge and if the concrete has not had the opportunity to fully cure it will pull the posts in. If this occurs then there is no alternative to digging out the sockets and recasting them again.

Tennis nets should always be slackened when play has finished to prevent undue strain on the posts and net cable.