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<h1>Rugby Boot Wipers</h1>

Rugby Boot Wipers

sportsequip.co.uk supply a wide range of boot wipers and scrapers suitable for Rugby grounds. These boot wipers can be sited close, or adjacent to any muddy areas. Boot wipers are also useful for locating next to hybrid/synthetic training pitches to keep mud to a minimum.

Our Rugby Boot Wipers are available in four different fixing types: Socketed, Permanent (to be concreted in), Floor fixed and Freestanding.

Rugby Boot Wipers & Scrapers

Whether you represent a premier or grass roots rugby team, there is a heavy duty permanent or freestanding boot wiper designed to suit your needs.

Narrow down your search with filters

You can use the filters on this page to help narrow down your rugby boot wiper search.

Price - Narrow down your search to the products that fit within your budget.

Number of Users - How much use will your boot wiper get? Larger boot wipers can accomodate more simultaneous users. When 30 players leave the pitch, a larger boot wiper will help speed up the process of cleaning muddy boots.

Type: Floor Fixed - Floor fixed boot wipers are typically bolted directly to the ground and require no sockets.

Type: Freestanding - Freestanding boot wipers can be easily moved into the most needed position when required, or even stored away out of season.

Type: Permanent - This style of boot wiper is permanently fixed into position, by concreting the frame directly into the ground.

Type: Socketed - With socketed boot wipers, sockets are concreted into the ground and the main frame is sits within these sockets. Out of season, the frame can be stored away, leaving the sockets in-situ, ready for the next season. Spare sockets can also be purchased and installed elsewhere, allowing one frame to be moved to various points if needed. See also the 'Sockets Only' filter.

Includes Scrapers - Metal scrapers fitted to boot wipers can help users to remove the majority of mud from their boots before using the brushes to clean the remainder. Scrapers will help extend the lifespan of the brushes.

Brush Set Only - Brushes are a consumable item and will wear over time. You can buy replacement brushes for all of the boot wipers available from sportsequip. If you're unsure which set you require, please contact us prior to ordering.

Sockets Only - Spare and replacement sockets for our range of socketed boot wipers. Spare sockets will enable you to position the frame of your existing socketed boot wiper into an alternative location when required. If you need assistance ordering spare sockets, please contact our sales team on 01858 545789 for advice.

Have a question?

If are you looking for replacement brushes or require a specific type of boot wiper/scraper, call us on 01858 545789