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<h1>Mini Soccer Goals & Nets (3.6m x 1.8m)</h1>

Mini Soccer Goals & Nets (3.6m x 1.8m)

Range of 3.6m x 1.8m (12ft x 6ft) Mini Soccer goals, available in a variety of designs to suit different pitch types. Have a question? You can contact us on 01858 545789.

Tip! The filters on this page will help you to quickly and easily find the most appropriate Mini Soccer goals for your needs.

Mini Soccer Goals & Nets (3.6m x 1.8m)

Mini Soccer goals measure 3.66m x 1.83m (12ft x 6ft) - the most common scaled size of choice used in Mini Soccer for children under ten in England and Wales. We offer steel and aluminium goals plus nets and anchors, or full packs which include pairs of Mini Soccer goals along with all the necessary accessories to go with them.

Please call us on 01858 545789 if you would like help making your choice and we would be happy to help.

You can filter the goals within this section by the following methods:

  • Price - Choose your price range to show only the Mini Soccer goals that suit your budget.
  • Type - Select Mini Soccer goals that are freestanding or socketed (ground anchored using sockets).
  • Material - Show Mini Soccer goals manufactured from steel (heavy and durable), or aluminium (lightweight, rust-proof).
  • Self Weighted - Integral weighted goals incorporate a suitable counterweight into their design, making them safer to use.
  • Pack - Mini Soccer goals with the most essential accessories - such as nets. Goal packs are cheaper than buying individual components separately.

Have a question?

For spare parts/components for any Mini Soccer goal, or if you have any questions regarding any of the Mini Soccer equipment available at sportsequip.co.uk, our sales office is available on 01858 545789 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm) and will be happy to advise you.