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<h1>Senior Football Nets</h1>

Senior Football Nets

sportsequip supply an extensive range of football nets to fit full size 7.32m x 2.44m (24ft x 8ft) senior football goals.

Our extensive range of football nets fit most types of senior football goals in use within the UK. However, we understand that it isn't always easy to find the right nets, especially if you're unsure of the model of your existing goals. If you'd like assistance, please email photos of your goals to sales@sportsequip.co.uk and we will try to help.

Senior Football Nets

Senior size football nets are suitable for use with full size, 11-a-side football goals measuring 7.32m x 2.44m (24ft x 8ft).

We offer a range of nets designed for steel or aluminium socketed/freestanding football goals. All of the football nets within this section are categorised by their shape (Continental, International, Box and Straight Runback). We also supply football net clips and pegs to fit most types of football goal.

Senior football nets are available in a variety of twine thicknesses (thicker netting tends to lead to a longer lifespan). Whilst football nets are traditionally white with a square mesh, single colour and two colour striped nets (horizontal or diagonal) as well as hexagonal mesh nets are also available.

You can filter the senior football nets within this section by the following methods:

  • Price - Select the price range that matches your budget.
  • Twine Thickness - Thinner twine is cheaper and is often more suitable for public or vandalism prone areas, whilst thicker netting is more durable.
  • Profile - Filter by the shape of your goals - Standard (Continental/ International style goals), Box or Straight Back. See also 'Know your Nets'.
  • Mesh - Square or hexagonal mesh netting.
  • Colour - Football nets are typically white, however some are available in other colours too (1 or 2 colours, great to match your team colours)
  • Netting Type - Knotted or knotless.
  • Runbacks - You can also filter these football nets by top and base runback. Check your goal carefully to ensure a correct fit.

Have a question?

Buying football nets can be complicated! If you're unsure about the type of net you require, please contact our sales office on 01858 545789 who will be happy to assist. We also offer some useful tips on our blog that will assist you.