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Fitness Trail & P.T. Trail Data Sheets:-

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Fitness Trails Product Specification


Wood is a natural organic product and although it is treated for preservation and cut into various shapes it is susceptible to certain changes in the outdoor environment. When exposed to humid or very wet conditions it swells, when it becomes dry it shrinks. Timber may twist and shake but the organic nature of this material does not reduce its toughness. Extremes of temperature or changes in weather will cause a reaction in timbers used outdoors. In particular machined round items may warp and split in hot weather conditions. This is perfectly natural and in all but the most extreme cases normal shape returns. This will not affect the structural strength of the timber. Pine may also produce resin; this is a natural phenomenon and will not damage or reduce the strength of the pine.

We offer two variations of log. - Our standard Round Logs are European and the alternative Radiata Pine is a southern hemisphere timber that offers a higher quality sanded finish and fuller preservative treatment penetration. It is regarded as being less prone to splits and shakes than European timbers and is consequently widely used in play equipment for children's playgrounds where high levels of hand contact with the timber logs is expected.

All of our main timber logs are machine rounded and are no less than 125mm nominal size in diameter and only sourced from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified suppliers. We fully endorse the FSC's mission to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, economically viable and globally responsible forest management.

Timber Protection

All of our timber components are Tanalised® - the market leading vacuum/pressure preservative treatment process to comply with the treatment hazard class 4 for ground timbers. The Tanalising is carried out after the cutting to length and machining has been carried out to ensure as thorough a preservative protection is provided to the timber as possible. We use Tanalith-e for this treatment which is a water based preservative containing copper and proven organic biocides. Once treated it provides the timber with long term protection against fungal and insect attack. The newly treated timber has a natural green colour which slowly weathers with exposure to a natural honey brown colour.

As we understand that timbers in ground contact are at the highest risk of rot and decay, we elect to ensure all of our timber logs are treated using the highest recommended solution strength when carrying out the preservation process. The industry standard of BS8417 can be achieved using 3% solution strength, however our logs are treated using a 5% concentration of Tanalith-e preservative.

In addition to this higher than standard Tanalith treatment as a 'belt and braces' measure we also fit Postsaver® sleeves to the structural uprights at ground level. These increasingly popular patented sleeves which are heat shrunk onto the logs and provide additional protection to the timber, further extending service life of the equipment. For full details see www.postsaver.com

15 Year Guarantee

By using high grade logs and Tanalith-e pressure treatment to BS8417 we are confident in passing on the Tanalith conditional 15 year warranty against rotting of in ground timbers.

In accordance with our recommended maintenance guide it is a condition of the guarantee that grass cutters / strimmers are not used around treated timber uprights as this will damage the Postsaver® sleeves and underlying timber leading to considerable reduced life expectancy. Timbers must be regularly checked to ensure that there is no damage, which if found should be treated immediately.

The 15 year guarantee provides replacement timbers for any correctly maintained and un-damaged components that have rotted through within 15 years of the date of installation under normal use. The cost of fitting the replacement components is not covered within the guarantee.


All metal fixings bolts, screws etc are Bright Zinc Plated. The main structural fixings are M12 coach bolts, with additional fixings using coach screws and wood screws as required. Fixing holes are counterbored and protected by vandal resistant caps manufactured from recycled polyethylene.

Handles and Rungs

All bars, climbing rungs, and handles are manufactured from 34mm diameter brushed stainless steel tube with any exposed ends capped with welded and polished stainless steel covers. Stainless steel is used for its strength, appearance and resistance to corrosion.


Our ropes and nets on the FT range are manufactured from vandal resistant 16mm diameter independent nylon core six-strand steel combination rope, which has a breaking load of four tonnes. The ropes are held together using either crimped aluminium or two part moulded nylon joints. Eye Bolt fixings are M12 Bright Zinc Plated and fitted with locking nuts.

On the PT range intended for supervised areas the ropes and nets are manufactured from natural manila or polypropylene with spliced in galvanized or nylon rope thimbles.

Assembly and Installation

Assembly and installation where required can be carried out by our experienced installers.

For self assembly we provide a detailed instruction drawing and parts list which includes setting out details for the excavations. These instructions also provide part numbers should any replacement components be required so these should be retained for future reference.

Product Modification

We develop our products constantly paying attention to international standards concerning both safety and quality. Therefore we reserve the right to modify our products at any time.

November 2018