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Fitness & Physical Training Trail Data Sheets:-

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Recommended Compliant Grass Tiles For Fitness Trails

This table can be used as a guideline for the number of Compliant Grass Tiles (SS500) that are required to cover the area surrounding each type of fitness trail station.

Listings below assume installation is into existing Well Maintained Grass / Lawn with a 'Free Height of Fall' of 1.5m.

Equipment with a 'Free Height of Fall' of less than 1.0m does not require an impact absorbing surface.

Compliant Grow Though Tiles - 'Mats' are tested to offer an increased Free Fall Height of 3.0m when laid onto existing Well Maintained Grass / Lawn

Alternative surfaces 'Free Heights of Fall' are : Concrete, Stone & Macadam ≤ 1.0m, Topsoil ≤ 1.2m, Sand, Gravel, Bark & Woodchip ≤ 2.0m - 3.0m

* indicates tiles are not installed directly beneath equipment.

Product RangeProduct CodeProduct DescriptionBSEN16630 'Free Height of Fall' in metresNo. of Mats Required for Wear PadsBSEN16630 areas in metres using MatsNo. of Mats required to meet BSEN16630
PT TrailFT902Rope Climb2.5044.5m x 6m18
Fitness TrailFT903Arm Stretch0.004N/A
Gym TrailFT904Bench Sit Ups0.383N/A
Fitness TrailFT906Chin Ups1.303N/A
Fitness TrailFT907Stride Jumps0.8010N/A
PT TrailFT908Beam Lift0.004N/A
Fitness TrailFT9092.6m Horizontal Ladder1.5524.5m x 7m21
Fitness TrailFT911Over & Under Hurdles1.1230N/A
Fitness TrailFT912Parallel Bars1.102N/A
Fitness TrailFT913Gate Climb1.8044.5m x 7m21
Fitness TrailFT914Log Stack - Standard1.154N/A
PT TrailFT917Log Stack - Steep1.154N/A
PT TrailFT918Net Climb1.8744m x 7.5m20
Fitness TrailFT919Run & Leap0.953N/A
Gym TrailFT920Balance Beams0.452N/A
Gym TrailFT921Burma Bridge0.452N/A
PT TrailFT922Net Ladder Climb1.8046m x 7.5m30
Gym TrailFT923Stepping Stones - 12 Units0.352N/A
Gym TrailFT9242.1m Multi Exercise Bench0.602N/A
Gym TrailFT925Inclined Multi Exercise Bench0.506N/A
Fitness TrailFT926Overhead Rings1.7024m x 7.5m20
Gym TrailFT928Wobble Board0.352N/A
Gym TrailFT9292 Bay Platform Sit Ups0.232N/A
Fitness TrailFT9361.8m Traverse Wall0.502N/A
Gym TrailFT937 Traverse Weaver0.702N/A
PT TrailFT938Agility Frame - Standard2.1046m x 8m28*
PT TrailFT939Agility Frame - Low1.464N/A
Gym TrailFT940Step Up Logs0.504N/A
Gym TrailFT941Leap Frog - 8 Units1.208N/A
Gym TrailFT942Bunny Hops0.4012N/A
Gym TrailFT943Single Sit Up Bench0.352N/A
Gym TrailFT944Log Vault1.304N/A
Gym TrailFT9453.6m Traverse Wall0.502N/A
Gym TrailFT946Twin Crossover0.692N/A
Gym TrailFT947Hamstring Stretch Posts0.002N/A
PT TrailFT950Scramble Net0.005N/A
PT TrailFT951Rope Crawl1.504N/A
PT TrailFT952Tube Crawl1.103N/A
PT TrailFT9532m Climbing Wall2.0044m x 6m16
PT TrailFT9543m Climbing Wall3.0046m x 7m28
PT TrailFT955Rope Assault1.8046m x 8m32
PT TrailFT956Tyre Run0.006N/A
PT TrailFT957Heaves & Lying Heaves1.305N/A
PT TrailFT958Clean & Jerk0.004N/A
PT TrailFT962Low Wall1.004N/A
Gym TrailFT963 Body Raise / Reverse Pull Ups1.424N/A
Gym TrailFT964Leg Stretch / Bar Push Ups0.504N/A
Gym TrailFT966Jumping Stretch0.001N/A
Gym TrailFT967Step Up Sleepers0.204N/A