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Choosing the right Tennis Net

sportsequip.co.uk sells the widest range of Tennis Nets available in the UK, including types as used at major events including Wimbledon, The Olympics, the US Open and many other ATP & WTA events.

You can choose a headband made from traditional cream 'canvas', white spun polyester or vinyl coated fabric. All 3 types come sewn to a range of nets, made from 2.2mm to 3.5mm twisted or braided netting, with either 2 or 4 rows of stitching.

All our tennis nets come with an integral plastic coated steel headline wire, with a loop one end and a pin the other, for fixing to the most common type of UK tennis posts. Wires with a loop both ends are also available on request, as are 33' singles nets and a made to measure service.

Contact our sales office for further details.

Headband Options

'Canvas' headbands - Cream coloured; hard wearing with a traditional textured finish.
Spun polyester headbands - White; woven from treated yarn to enhance visibility, maximise durability and minimise distortion.
Vinyl coated fabric headband - White; durable and easy to keep clean.

Headband Stitching Options

Over time some nets fail because the stitching holding the net to the headband deteriorates. In most cases the whole net is tired and ready for replacement, but it can be frustrating if the netting is otherwise in good condition. This is the time to consider a 'quad stitched' replacement.

Standard double stitching - Two rows of stitching hold the headband to the netting. Ideal for domestic and lower use courts.
Quad stitching - Four rows of stitching are used, providing additional strength and prolonging the life expectancy of the tennis net. Recommended for clubs, schools and all heavily used courts.

Double Netting Top

Another option to consider is the Double Netting Top, a double layer of netting covering the top six rows of mesh on the tennis net. Whilst less commonly seen in the UK, this type of net is extremely popular in the USA in particular. It reinforces the area of the net most likely to be struck by the ball during competitive play, especially when serving. The double layer of netting helps provide extra durability to the net and can extend its lifespan.

Netting Options

2.2mm twisted - The thinnest netting, using coiled polyethylene fibres. These nets have no edge reinforcement and are the cheapest nets available. For low use courts, particularly those prone to vandalism. Also be aware that these nets may not always have the black reinforcing tape to sides and bottom edge, standard on all other types.
2.5mm twisted - Low cost entry level nets for low use domestic and public courts. Come both with or without the edge tapes.
3.5mm braided - The best weight; all quality nets use this stronger interwoven polyethylene fibre. As seen at Wimbledon and other major international tournaments.

Now, simply choose the combination of features that best suits your court and your budget.

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